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Birds Singing Sounds & White Noise Spa Meditation

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Health & Fitness Amusement
Developer: Muhammad Wahhab Mirza

Want to listen to birds at home? Want to relax after work? or maybe you want to fall asleep quickly? Set timer for 10-20 minutes to fall asleep quickly while listening sounds of birds.

Our soothing music app has 11 relaxing sounds of the birds, forest and animals that help you to sleep:

1) forest birds
2) loon
3) forest ambience
4) seagulls
5) mockingbird
6) the song of birds
7) crows
8) owls
9) whippoorwill
10) woodpeckers
11) birds in the forest

The purpose of Birds sounds Relax and Sleep :

1:-best bird calls
2:- bird identification with the help of wallpapers
3:-birds of north America songs
4:- beautiful bird wallpaper
5:- bird pictures
6:- bird noises
7:- only natural sounds of the birds (no music)
8:- best nature sound effects
9:- tinnitus mask (birds singing)
10:- white noise for baby sleep generator machine
11:- yoga music for relaxation and meditation
12:- best sleep machine
13:- meditation music
14:- bedtime music and bedtime sounds
15:- music for children to sleep
16:- lullaby of nature
17:-sounds of nature: bird songs (no music)
- sounds of the city
- nature sound
- ambient sounds

With birds sounds you will:

1. sleep like child (soothing music)
2. go to bed happy (white noise)
3. rest all day (lullaby)
4. slumber quickly (bedtime songs for kids)
5. be asleep soundly (relax melody)
6. kip all night (birds sounds for kids)
7. doss (meditation sounds)
8. roger (birds sounds effects)

nature apps
nature background
nature music

People use sounds of birds relaxation techniques while having the following disease:

1. anger (roar of the surf)
2. cardiac health (rain forest sounds)
3. depression (birds sounds)
4. tinnitus
5. for general well-being (sea waves on a beach, coast of island)
6. headache therapy (ocean waves sounds)
7. high blood pressure (waterfall sounds, white noise)
8. immune system support (sounds of nature, creek)
9. insomnia therapy (all rain sounds, nature sounds)
10. pain management (all birds songs)
11. stress management (sounds of nature, lightning)

Other whistles - cat whistle, bird whistle, bird call, mosquito repellent.

Nature sounds ( birds sounds, bird songs, birds music) could be used for:
+ Rest and relaxation.
+ Pleasant recollections.
+ Meditation, therapy and massage.